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Children's Bikes

Purchasing a childs bike can be a minefield with prices ranging from the tens to the thousands of pounds, with not much to guide you between models. One of the priorities when buying a childs bike has to be weight. Some kids bikes sold at popular toy shops can weigh more than a standard adults bike, which can present serious barriers to your child enjoying riding, particularly if they are trying to keep up with adults or older siblings.

There are two main types of childrens bicycles:


A balance bike teaches children very crucial skills, balance and co-ordination. When this is developed at an early age, it has a notable impact on their confidence when it comes to cycling unsupported without stabilisers.
It also helps children to develop great bike handling and braking skills which naturally transfers on to the pedal bike when they are ready.


Our pedal bike range offers that first pedal bike and goes right through to a 26" wheel. We have focussed on reducing weight and have equipped the bikes with components scaled down to suit the rider.

With this combined the rideability is far better than what you would find on a basic children's bike making the experience great and something they will want to do again and again.

Following years of product testing by an entire academy of youngsters, we can guarantee kids will learn to ride faster and more confidently on our high-performance, lightweight junior bikes.

Shop the entire range of the latest Children's Bicycles and buy in store or online with interest free finance, cycle to work schemes or Klarna. Includes bikes from brands including Cube, Cuda, Forme, GT, Squish and Dawes

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