Best electric bike 2020

The best electric bike 2020 Or best e-bike 2020, if you favour fashionable shortenings finally a new way of travelling: At Buy a Bike we have electric bikes from under £1000 to over £4000 for commuting and off-road.

Best Electric Bike 2020

The best electric bike 2020 Or best e-bike 2020, if you favour fashionable shortenings finally a new way of travelling: At Buy a Bike we have electric bikes from under £1000 to over £4000 for commuting and off-road.

We have varied models and brands to suit all shape and sizes. Some models are great for effortlessly taking on slopes, trails and generally rough terrain. Approaches to e-bikes have improved in recent years. For a while, they were seen by cyclists as cheating. And by non-cyclists as acting just like a bike, but far more expensive. 

The new breed of electric bikes in 2020 appears sleeker and has seen a more reasonable pricing structure, something for everybody. The notion that the help of an e-bike but without all the sweat and effort is a great thing.

The absence of effort means you can finish up a bit chilly in the winter months. Fortunately, we have a significant clothing range in store to combat this very thing. But once spring and summer are here, that’s less of a worry. E-Bikes will only continue to increase in popularity in 2020.

What is the best electric bike 2020?

Depends on what you are looking for, but we have some very highly recommended store and available online;

Best e-Bike for value:

CUBE Town Sport Hybrid Pro 400

Cube Town Sport Hybrid Pro 400 Easy Entry

Our top pick for best electric bike 2020 value is the Cube Town Sport Hybrid Pro! This fantastic bicycle is absolutely perfect for those who may have thought their cycling days are behind them. With a smooth and quiet Bosch motor and battery system, an easy entry frame (no crossbar), adjustable handlebars and a whole range of sizes available from 42cm and up. This has to be one of the most comfortable and accessible e-bikes on the market. From the shortest to the tall, the Cube town sport accommodates all. All this for under £1899 is a value that’s hard to beat.

Best folding electric bike 

Tern Vektron P7I Active 400

Vektron P7i Gunmetal

For us, the best electric bike 2020 folding e-bike needs to have two essential qualities, portability and power. With the Vektron P7i, you get plenty of both! A super straight forward and safe folding mechanism allows for easy storage, and the axle magnets mean the bike can be rolled around once folded. Removing the need to carry the additional weight. The Powerful Bosch Active line motor and 400wh battery ensure stress-free riding and miles and miles of assistance.

Best non-folding city e-bike 

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

For this cycling discipline, we have to give the rosette to the Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0. Its super sleek design boasts a frame integrated battery pack and motor! So you’d have to take a second glance to truly know this was even an e-Bike in the first place! It also comes as a full package, with smart aluminium mudguards, a pannier rack for transporting goods and front and rear lights for safety. If a high quality fully loaded bike is what you’re after, look no further!

Best electric bike for hills and off-road 


Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Carbon 29er

Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and give it your best. Specialized did this and created what is, in our opinion, the BEST electric full suspension mountain bike for the money. £5999 that is. While we know that isn’t cheap, its also a lot of bikes! FOX suspension front and back, SRAM rear derailleur and shift levers and a 500wh battery will keep you going through the rough stuff for miles! Our best electric bike 2020 for hills and Off-road,

The star of the show is the Specialized 2.1 integrated motor. This thing has 90nm of torque, that’s more than your average motorbike! Hands down the most fun you can have on two wheels! Need we say more?

How to choose the best electric bike for you

Cycling is an excellent hobby for several reasons: it’s free (after the original E-bike sale). It’s fantastic for your health, and in several cases, it can be quicker than cars and all most certainly faster than the UK’s public transport. 

The E-bike brands take varying manufacturer approaches to electric bikes. Some like to put an electric motor in the rear wheel hub, with a torque sensor in the cranks that gives the on-board batteries a nudge to send more energy to the wheels.

Others situate the motor and sensor unit around the bike’s cranks, ensuring a more visually appealing and aerodynamic style can be formed. A growing number of new, premium e-bikes install the motor in the front wheel hub, which appears to give a much more consistent riding feel if you’re used to traditional bikes.

If you are used to a traditional bike, be aware that e-bikes are usually capped at 15.5mph. In most cases, that means the E-bike starts to seem like you are riding with the brakes on if you try to accelerate higher than the 15.5mph by pedalling. 

However, if you’re realistic, 15mph is a pretty respectable speed when in town or taking on climbs. Once the realization occurs that you are meant to pedal lightly and let the E-Bike do the work. 

E-bikes are great for commuting; they’ll pull you away from the traffic lights instantly, smooth out hills so but don’t presume that riding an E-bike implies you won’t get any exercise at all. They’re much better for you than taking the bus.

E-Bikes & More!

Here at Buyabike we have a vast range of E-Bikes, Hardtail & Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, Road, Race, Endurance, Cyclo Cross, Gravel and Hybrid bikes! 

From all the major brands, Giant, Cube, Specialized, Merida etc.

Visit us at our large store in Lancashire to try and test any of the bikes on display.

Why not visit us to receive free bike sizing and we can also offer some specialist advice to help you find the perfect bike for your needs.